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Weekly Office Cleaning Services and Daily Office Cleaners

If you are looking for office cleaning services, you have come to the right place. A clean and hygienic office is an important requirement for all employees to work comfortably and productively in a company. Office cleaning involves extra costs and it may not be possible for a single person with an admin/accounting job to take on 'extra' office cleaning duties. Most of the time, it is more productive and cost effective to hire a weekly or daily office cleaner dedicated to performing office cleaning duties while you focus on your core business activities. Companies can save costs by hiring part-time local office cleaners under dedicated office cleaning companies like us instead of a full-time office cleaner. We handle all the sourcing of office cleaner and paperwork for you.


Office Cleaning Services, Office Cleaning Companies

A-Cube Microsystems offer office cleaning services for corporate offices, show rooms, retail shops, shop houses, tuition and education centres, hotels, clinics, child care centres and warehouses etc. Oher kinds of office cleaning services by our office cleaners are available from us too. Our packages are competitively priced and our office cleaners are legal office cleaners.
Each office cleaning usually lasts between 2-4 hours. The main office cleaning duties include wiping of tables and chairs, preparing coffee or tea and washing of cups (as needed), disposal of waste, floor mopping, windows cleaning, toilet cleaning, vacuuming, telephone disinfecting and other necessary office cleaning duties as required by the customer. The cleaner may also assist in cleaning the keyboards, mice, printers and monitors.


Office Cleaning Singapore, Office Cleaning Services Singapore

A-Cube Microsystems has been diligently serving the office cleaning singapore market for more than 15 years, assisting local businesses to meet their office cleaning needs while they concentrate on their core business activities. We also help local cleaning aunties to get jobs as office cleaners and earn extra income to help their families by matching them to our clients' office cleaning needs according to the various regions in Singapore. Helping the poor, sick and needy people and animals in this world remains one of our vital core missions.


Office Cleaners, Office Cleaning Services

Frequency Rates
1 time a week office cleaning (2-4) hours Pls contact us
2 times a week office cleaning (2-4) hours Pls contact us
3 times a week office cleaning (2-4) hours Pls contact us
5 days a week office cleaning (2-4) hours Pls contact us
5.5 days a week office cleaning (2-4) hours Pls contact us


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Other flexible office cleaning arrangements with our office cleaners are possible.
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